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Long before I had a blog of my own I had been blogintimate with many people who had awesome spaces of their own. Their writings have made me chortle and giggle, nod my head in assent and bailed me out when I needed a recipe for things discovered from the back of the fridge. The people behind these blogs are amazing story tellers and, often, an integral part of my day. I thought I should spread their word so they might bring joy to others like me. Read on, visit their spaces and enjoy their art!

One Hot Stove: Nupur is a Maharashtrian (a large west Indian state) lady who conjures up spectacular home food, crocheted marvels, yummy gifts, basically homemade goodies, sharing a piece of her happiness with the blogosphere every time she puts up a post. I’ve tried a few of her recipes of which the gobi manchurian, pan-fried potatoes, pizza dough and pav bhaji have become household staples for me.

Jason Good: Jason is a self professed writer, comedian and family man. Although I personally can’t attest to the last claim, his posts definitely are uproariously funny as only a terrific writer’s can be. Don’t take my word for it, hurry on over there and see for yourself.

Sweeter Salt: A thrifting, fashionista Maine-r with the cutest bangs I’ve seen, Jen (I think that’s her name..I checked her comments section to confirm but couldn’t) has a keen sense of style and a partner that clicks totally flattering pictures for her blog. What’s not to love? Although I have seemingly nothing in common with her, I absolutely enjoy reading her blog.

Crappy Pictures: A humorous parent. Amazingly crappy artist. Minor celebrity book author. Amber Dusick is a genius and a supermom who captures all our parents’ everyday moments in such uncanny detail that she has garnered a huge fan following for herself. Not only has she managed to sneak in hidden cameras into our homes, steal our kids’ temperamental outbursts and write them up to a T, she’s also made them so hilariously funny that there’s nothing left to do but laugh while tearing your hair out simultaneously. Her not-yet-out book is already a bestseller. Click now if you haven’t already pledged your undying love for her and her crappy drawings. Seriously.

Let Me Start By Saying: Kim is a funny, funny lady. She’s a stay at home mom whose life won’t stop chucking lemons and poop at her. So, what’s new? She counters those life gifts by giving you a stitch in your side. Totally hilarious. Must check-out.

Manjula’s Kitchen: If you’re interested in Indian cooking, specifically home cooked vegetarian Indian cooking, Manjula “aunty” will take care of you. In India, we call women who are family friends or just generally older than you “aunty”. It has nothing to do with blood relations. “Aunty” immediately confers filial love and respect on the recipient irrespective of whether you’re laying eyes on the person for the first time. My mom’s bingo friend is “aunty”. So is the neighbour lady she meets at the grocery store. I’ve never met Manjula of the blog but if I need help with my cooking I go to her blog. Ergo, she’s “aunty”. One look at her followers will convince you that I’m not alone. She’s a culinary lifeline for bachelors living alone for the first time, newly wed wives wanting to appease their husbands and people like me who need a helping hand sometimes. An irreplaceable resource for recipe hunters.

This is an ongoing list which will hopefully grow with my blog. Stay tuned.

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